BCA Coretrade

Please read the following information before you begin:

The CoreTrade Online Registration System allows users to carry out the following functions:
a) Submit new CoreTrade application
b) Renew the registration of existing CoreTrade personnel
c) Print the statement of registration
d) Check the status of registration / expiry date of registration
e) Make online request for changes / check the status of request

Check Application Status

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Documents Required (PDF format)
This online application will take about 4 minutes to complete, if all required documents are readily available. The submission will require approximately between 14 to 28 working days to process, if all information are duly and correctly furnished and required documents submitted appropriately.

For a smooth online registration process, please ensure that you have the following documents, saved in PDF format, in your computer before you proceed.
1) Worker’s NRIC (for Singaporean and Singapore PR) or valid work permit/employment pass (for foreigner)(front and back in a single page)
For company application, the name of employer in the application must be similar to the employer stated in the foreign worker’s work pass.
2) Skills Evaluation Certificate (SEC/SEC(K) or approved technical / academic qualification [foreign work permit holders who have obtained their (SEC/SEC(K) previously are not required to attach this certificate) Click here (for the list of recognised qualifications)
3) Valid Crane Operation Licence issued by the Ministry of Manpower (front and back in a single page).
This is mandatory for all licensed crane operators.
4) Valid Plumber or Electrician Licence.
This is mandatory for all licensed plumber or electrician.
5) Worker’s employment details (for work permit holder) obtained via the Ministry of Manpower website (WP Online), to verify applicant’s years of local construction experience.
This is mandatory for all foreign work permit holders.
Click here (to go to MOM WP Online).
Click here (to view sample of the correct attachment and required information).

A non-refundable application fee of $15 is payable for each application submitted.

Please ensure that all required documents submitted are clear and correct. A new application must be made if the earlier submission was not accepted due to incorrect documents.

A Submission Number appears after each successful registration. Please print or note down this number. The “Check Status” function on the menu bar allows user to view the status of their registration with this Submission Number.

For Enquiry call us at 6248 9845.

Click here [to view the list of BCA Approved Training and Testing Centres (ATTC) for the conduct of training and skills assessment]

What is CoreTrade?

The Construction Registration of Tradesmen (CoreTrade) Scheme was introduced to allow the built environment sector to build up its core group of competent and experienced workers in key construction trades and supervisory roles to anchor and lead the construction workforce, and raise its quality and productivity levels.

Who is it for?

CoreTrade provides a platform to retain the better and more experienced workers by providing a clear career progression path and giving them due recognition. It allows one to progress from a “Basic Skilled” R2 worker, to a registered CoreTrade Tradesman specializing in specific trades, a registered CoreTrade Trade Foreman and eventually a CoreTrade Supervisor. CoreTrade personnel are qualified as “Higher Skilled” R1 workers under the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s Foreign Worker Levy Scheme.

Q6: What are the classes of CoreTrade personnel?

What are the registration requirements to be CoreTrade personnel?

There are 3 classes of CoreTrade personnel:

  • CoreTrade Tradesmen
  • CoreTrade Foremen
  • CoreTrade Supervisor

Generally, the registration requirements for a foreign work permit holder with a Skills Evaluation Certificate (SEC/SEC(K)) to be CoreTrade personnel are:

Type of personnelMinimum years of local construction experiencePractical TestTheory Test
CoreTrade Tradesmen4 yearsPassNot applicable1
CoreTrade Foremen6 yearsPassPass
CoreTrade Supervisor8 yearsNot applicablePass
1 Theory Test is required only for Tradesmen in Construction Plant Operation and all enhanced formwork trades to ascertain the safety knowledge.

Q7: What are the trades available for registration under CoreTrade?

The trade categories available for registration are listed below.

CoreTrade PersonnelTrade Category
Tradesmen & ForemenStructural TradesReinforced Concrete WorksStructural Steel Works
Architectural TradesCladding & Curtain Wall InstallationDoors & Windows InstallationDrywall InstallationGlazing WorksJoinery WorksSuspended Ceiling InstallationTiling, Stone Laying & Floor Finishing WorksWaterproofing Works
Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) TradesAir-conditioning Ducting InstallationElectrical WorksFire Protection WorksGas Pipefitting WorksLift InstallationPlumbing And Piping Works
Construction Plant OperationConstruction Plant Operation(for Tradesmen only)
SupervisorArchitectural Works,Structural Works, andMechanical & Electrical (M&E) Works

Q8: Where to apply to be CoreTrade personnel?

CoreTrade applications can be made via www.bca.gov.sg/cwrs before registering the construction personnel for training and skills assessment at BCA’s Approved Training and Testing Centres.

Q10: My worker is already registered as a CoreTrade Tradesman. How can he upgrade to be a CoreTrade Trade Foreman?

Application can be made to upgrade from a CoreTrade Tradesman to Trade Foreman. Once an application to upgrade has been made, the application is reviewed to determine if he/ she meets the minimum requirements for skills and experience to upgrade.

If a CoreTrade Tradesman has obtained 6 years construction experience in Singapore, he may take the written test component only and pass the written test component of the same trade category to upgrade to Foreman.

Q11: I wish to apply my worker as CoreTrade Foremen. However, he failed the written test component, what should he do?

If the candidate failed the written test component for Trade Foremen and have passed the practical test component (only for non-plant construction trades), he would then be allowed to be registered as CoreTrade Tradesmen which allows him to stay in Singapore up to 22 years and their employers pay lower levy. However, for Timber formwork and Steel Reinforcement, the trades are only applicable at Trade Foremen level.

Alternatively he can take a retest on the written test component.

Q12: My workers cannot read and write in English. I am afraid they could not pass the test.

To register as a CoreTrade Tradesman (except for Construction Plant Operation), the worker needs to take and pass a practical test component only.

To register as a CoreTrade Tradesman in Construction Plant Operation, CoreTrade Trade Foremen or Multi-Skilled worker, the worker needs to take and pass both practical and written test component. The written test paper has translations in Chinese, Tamil, and Thai.

>In addition, the written test component for CoreTrade Foremen has been modified from a closed-book to an open-book written test from 3 November 2014 onwards, to enable the candidates to learn better.

To register as a CoreTrade supervisor, the worker needs to take training and test in theory only.