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UEW Vice Chancellor Scholarship

UEW Vice Chancellor Scholarship,

Applications are in invited from qualified persons to access the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund (VCSF) for the 2016/2017 academic year until 20th October, 2016. Download forms here

Completed applications should be submitted to Deans of Faculty who shall act as coordinators of the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund (VCSF).

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

To be eligible to receive the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund (VCSF) award, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a Ghanaian as defined by the Constitution of Ghana.
  2. Be a student of UEW.
  3. Be enrolled on a non-Full fee paying programme at the University.
  4. Must have a strong academic ability and have a financial need. That is, the applicant must produce evidence, with documentation, that he/she has a strong academic potential but is financially handicapped to pursue higher education in UEW.7
  5. Submit a completed Application Form for the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund award before the announced deadline for the submission of the Form.
  6. The applicant must not be on a similar scholarship.
  7. Comply with any other criteria set by the management board at the time of the award or disbursement.

Accessing the Scholarship

  1. The applicant confirms his/her eligibility for the scholarship.
  2. The applicant completes and submits the approved Scholarship Application Form together with certified copies of certificates and other supporting documents prior to the scholarship application deadline.
  3. The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund (VCSF) Coordinators (Deans) receive and register their respective applications, make copies, organise applications review at their respective Faculties/ Schools/Institutes and forward applications with their recommendations to the Division of Academic Affairs.

Value of the Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund (VCSF) shall provide the following types of scholarship benefits either in full or part:

  • Approved University fees
  • Feeding allowance at approved rates
  • Accommodation allowance at approved rates
  • Book allowance at approved rates
  • Other living allowances at approved rates

Payment to Beneficiaries

University fees shall be paid directly to the University whilst other payments shall be made through the beneficiary’s bank account.

Continuity of Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund (VCSF) scholarship shall be awarded for one academic year. Renewal and continuation of awards shall be contingent upon maintaining good academic progress. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 to qualify for renewal of the award.

Procedure for Renewal of Award

  1. The beneficiary student shall submit his/her progress report to the respective Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund (VCSF) Coordinator (Dean). The progress report must be submitted by the deadline to be determined by the management board for each category of beneficiaries.
  2. The Coordinator receives and registers all progress reports and forwards them to the scholarship committee with his/her recommendations by the deadline to be determined by the management. The Coordinator must consult the relevant Heads of Department/Study Centre Coordinators before giving his/her recommendations.
  3. The SC shall review the progress reports and submit their recommendations for the renewal of award of scholarships to the management board by the deadline to be determined by the management board.
  4. The management board shall meet to take decisions on the recommendations of the scholarship committee and communicate their decisions to the scholarship committee, Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund (VCSF) Coordinator (Dean) and the applicant by the deadline to be determined by the management board.
  5. The Fund Administrator shall arrange for the disbursement of the subsequent scholarship funding to the successful applicants.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

The scholarships shall be awarded to students based on criteria that relate to the charitable purposes of the Fund, namely, the brilliant but financially disadvantaged students in the university. Based on this, all scholarships shall be awarded on an objective and non-discriminatory basis. In the selection of awardees for the scholarships, Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund (VCSF) shall not take into consideration the following:

  • Applicant’s relationship to employees of the university
  • Family members of applicant on Scholarship Committee and management Board
  • Employees of the university

Termination of Scholarship

The scholarship of a beneficiary student may be terminated if the student:

  1. Dies
  2. Abandons the course of study
  3. Defers the course of study without written approval from the management board
  4. Fails to maintain a GPA of 2.50
  5. Uses any part of the scholarship for non-approved purposes. Such recipients shall be made to refund the any grant fund used inappropriately
  6. Changes his/her course of study without a written approval from the MB
  7. Found to have provided false information at the time of application or at any point in time. Such a student shall be made to refund all monies paid to him or her from the Fund and also face all other sanctions provided in the University Statute, Students’ Handbook and other laws/ regulations in respect of false declaration and deceit of public officers
  8. Is rusticated or suspended for misconduct
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The Management Board of the UEW Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce to the University community that the Board, per the recommendations received from the Scholarship Committee has awarded scholarships to the under-listed students. The award is for the 2016/2017 academic year.

Award Letters

  1. Awardees on Winneba campus should pick their award letters at the Endowment & Trust Fund Management Unit of Treasury & Endowment Management Division, Main Administration Block, North Campus from 3rd February to 8th February 2017
  2. Awardees on Kumasi campus should pick their letters from the Office of the Campus Head of Finance Section on 14th and 15rdFebruary, 2017
  3. Awardees on Mampong campus should pick their letters from the Office of the Campus Head of Finance Section on 16th February 2017



1 Lavoe Kingsford Kwaku M 200 BA  Social Studies
2 Dadzie Helena F 200 BA Art Education
3 Asamoah Kyei Baffour M 200 BA Art Education
4 Kumasi Senyo Quame M 200 BA Economics Education
5 Gaffa Bernard M 200 BA Economics Education
6 Nyaaba Dominic Adugbire M 300 BA Economics Education
7 Akanwesige Charles M 300 BA English Education
8 Dziwornu Daniel Kossi M 300 BA French Education
9 Siekang Jacob Maayoyeru M 300 BA French Education
10 Ilupeju Comfort Kafaya F 200 BA French Education
11 Saabar Oswel M 200 BA Geography Education
12 Dzameza Prosper M 300 BA Geography Education
13 Anini Benedict M 200 BA Geography Education
14 Nkuah Felicia Okumdom F 200 BA Geography Education
15 Nsiah Simon M 200 BA Graphics Design
16 Letsa Mensah Nyefia M 100 BA Political Science Education
17 Koranteng Richard M 300 BA Social Studies
18 Bashiru Abdul Karim M 300 BA Social Studies
19 Akins Bass Adiza F 300 BA Social Studies
20 Musah Mohammed  Ekililu M 100 BBA Accounting
21 Donkoh Micheal M 200 BBA Accounting
22 Arhin Solomon Adawu M 200 BBA Accounting
23 Appiah Mavis F 100 BBA Accounting
24 Gelle Baabilekuu M 200 BBA Accounting
25 Adegbedzi David Kwabla M 200 BBA Accounting
26 Quartey Samuel M 200 BBA Procurement
27 Egyir Baah Samuel M 200 Bed Special Education
28 Korang Evans M 300 BSc  Health Admin & Educ
29 Moro Mariama F 200 BSc  ICT Education
30 Amoah Bismark M 300 BSc Accounting  Education
31 Kuuyuor Edward Somaah M 200 BSc Accounting  Education
32 Manu Emmanuel Amankwaah M 300 BSc Accounting  Education
33 Amoah Enock M 100 BSc Accounting  Education
34 Otchere James M 100 BSc Accounting  Education
35 Frikaatey  Isaac M 200 BSc Accounting  Education
36 Ibrahim Ilyas M 200 BSc Biological Science Edu
37 Silemah Bernard M 300 BSc Biological Science Edu
38 Nyamekye  Eric Tawiah M 200 BSc Biology Education
39 Wussah Reuben Doe M 200 BSc Biology Education
40 Amankwaah Beatrice F 200 BSc Biology Education
41 Kpedaar Charles Ana-Ib M 200 BSc Chemistry Education
42 Oduro Richard Eduful M 200 BSc Chemistry Education
43 Buah Patrick M 200 BSc Chemistry Education
44 Abubakar Hakeem Kasaabator M 100 BSc Environ, Health & Sanitation
45 Amoah Thomas M 300 BSc Health Admin & Edu
46 Frimpong Daniel Ohene Djan M 100 BSc Info Tech Education
47 Frimpong Daniel M 200 BSc Info Tech Education
48 Kubi Jeol M 200 BSc Info Tech Education
49 Asante-Mensah Francis K. M 200 BSc Info Tech Education
50 Okine Abigail Yaa F 200 BSc Integrated Science Edu
51 Nyame Beatrice F 200 BSc Integrated Science Edu
52 Acheampong Saraphina Afriyie F 200 BSc Integrated Science Edu
53 Kumah  Rhoda Cindy F 200 BSc Management Education
54 Owusu Raphael M 200 BSc Mathematics Education
55 Oppong Elizabeth Aning F 200 BSc Management Education
56 Buntuoluu Bernard M 200 BSc Management Education
57 Oduro Kobina M 100 BSc Mathematics Education
58 Nunyou Daniel Aayel M 300 BSc Mathematics Education
59 Donkoh Stella Odabi F 200 BSc. Home Economics Educ.
60 Atipaka  Grace Annabel F 200 Dip in Sport Coaching


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Published by:

Dr. Theophilus S. Ackorlie

(Fund Administrator)

NB: for further information, contact the schedule officer on 0208524485