UEW History Department

UEW History Department

UEW History Department

UEW History Department,

The Department of History Education has been known for its substantive commitment to student success. With this success, comes reward. The Department has been highly praised for its achievements over its three and half year existence. The Department has consistently rewarded its members for the collective contribution they make in achieving the ultimate goal of making History Education at UEW a leader in the field.

The 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony was marked on the 24November 2016 at the Departmental Reading Room, Faculty Block. Gracing the ceremony were members of staff, past and present national service persons, the History Alumni Association, executives of the history association and some students. The ceremony was steered by Justina Akansor as master of ceremony. It commenced with an opening prayer by Miss Patricia Arthur. The HOD, Dr. Jim Weiler, welcomed guests and stated the purpose of the awards ceremony. Mr. Eric S. Nketiah, a lecturer of the Department, followed this with a talk on “Life after University”.

Then came the dinner section and awards. Current National Service Persons (2016/2017) of the department were awarded and encouraged to continue giving in their best for the development of the department and university as a whole. Mr. Kingsley Agyepong was awarded the 2015/2016 Best National Service Persons. The graduating class was not left out. They were also awarded with some souvenirs and congratulated for their successful completion of the four-year undergraduate study of history. Mr. Stephen Arthur was the awardee for the Best Long Essay in history for 2016.

Special thanks were doled out to the team and participants of the Community History Writing Project(CHWP), and were encouraged to continue writing to bring the pilot project to a successful completion. Mrs. Anitha Adu-Boahen was awarded a citation as the Best Lecturer of the Department for the 2016/2017 academic year by the graduating class. Also the Head Of Department reinvigorated appreciation and special thanks to all members of the Department. The Departmental awards ceremony came to a close with a closing remark form Mr. Amoako Gyampah, a Lecturer of the Department. Miss. Patience Kodua ended with the vote of t



On behalf of the entire staff, I welcome you all back to school.A special welcome to the final year class.This semester has in store programs that will sharpen our understanding of the course we seek to achieve.The Ghana National History Day which is set forth for March and the Community History Writing Project.Last year was great but this year will be greater.I urge you all to work and cooperate with the department staff. Have a wonderful semester.
Our approach to history has been conceptualized to be more analytic and more thematic. We realize that very few (if any) employers want someone who can recite the factors that led to a particular historical event. Rather, employers in schools and elsewhere are looking for someone who can:

look into an issue with a critical eye,
research a problem to gain deeper understanding of the consequences of past actions,
contextualize a situation within a local, national, or global perspective,
formulate an argument as to which strategy or policy will be most effective,
read extensively on a particular issue and develop his/her own ideas, and
look at a particular issue through multiple lenses.
These are the skills of today’s information age, and these are the skills that the Department of History Education aims to achieve in its students. The thematic approach will aim to prepare our students to be active agents of change in schools and beyond. Great history teachers do not simply know more facts than their students. Great history teachers are historians who know how to ask questions, expand their interests, investigate into issues, and engage in change.

Aims and Objectives

Provide relevant, meaningful and interesting courses in History;
Equip students with pedagogical skills and dispositions to teach History in pre-tertiary and higher level institutions;
Engage students with the theoretical principles and practices that underlie the construction and study of History;
Expose students to the methods of historical research in order to develop their analytical abilities in resolving social problems.

The Department of History Education had its orientation for the fresh students on 31 August 2016. The Head of Department, Staff Members, National Service Persons, fresh students, and some few continue students were present at the gathering. The Head of Department opened the forum by welcoming all the level 100 students into the university. He also introduced the students to various projects carried out by the Department and encouraged the students to participate in all the projects.

Lecturers and other members of the department also advised the students on different issues concerning their students’ lifestyle on campus. The students were advised to take their studies seriously and forfeit indiscipline and immoral lifestyles on campus. The students were also encouraged to do a lot of reading and enjoy campus life in moderation.

Misconceptions from other departments that history courses were difficult were addressed, and the few continues students that passed through were impressed with the tremendous increase in student enrollment in the department.

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