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Maranatha University College (MUC) began life as Maranatha Bible College (MBC) in 1972 through the vision of two men.
Its creation was dreamed up by Mr. William Ofori Atta, a Christian lawyer and Statesman, and Rev. John Bergen, a veteran member of the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM now Serving In Missions, Ghana, a Missionary Organisation).

While a political prisoner in the 1960s, Mr. Ofori Atta gave his life to Christ following his reading of “African Challenge” magazine (an SIM publication). Shortly after accepting Christ, Mr. Ofori Atta developed a burning desire to create an institution where Ghanaian young people could be trained in the Word of God, for the service of God, regardless of their situation in life.

After his release from prison, Mr. Ofori Atta approached Rev. Bergen then in charge of African Challenge Bookshop about his dream, and in 1972 Maranatha Bible College was born as a joint venture of a group of leading Ghanaian believers and the SIM. These same business and professional people were constituted into MBC first council, and it has operated as an autonomous Ghanaian entity ever since.

One of Maranatha’s earliest and most significant ministries since its creation has been the training of leaders for the Town Fellowship groups that sprung up during those periods. The specific purpose-centred training concept which was well accepted by the churches then is alive, well embraced and playing key spiritual roles in many religious communities in Ghana today. MBC students and alumni are a major part of the reason.

The core ideology of MBC has remained the preparation of men for the service of Christ and His Church by training believers who are leaders and those with leadership potential from all churches to function more effectively in their roles in their various ministries and professions. Due to work and other commitments, most believers, in the past and now, have been unable to get the training they need from Bible Colleges on full-time basis.

Since its inception, MBC continued to remain an institution where top quality theological education through evening classes to part-time students could be obtained at highly competitive fees. Maranatha Bible College broadened its curriculum to include liberal arts education and other disciplines in 2006 with accreditation from the National Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education Ghana, and began to confer degrees under affiliation programme with the University of Cape Coast, our mentoring institution.

The vision of the founding fathers of Maranatha Bible College now Maranatha University College was to bring into being, an institution of excellence that would champion innovative tertiary education with evangelical Christian conviction.
The evangelical Christian consciousness was to be characterized by Integrity, Scholarship and Competence. The three virtues have been the hallmarks of training Maranatha University College offers since its establishment and our alumni the world over are our proof.

Integrity, Scholarship and Competence are in our institutional DNA. They are graciously imparted to us by the one we profess and serve as Lord, and for whose mission this institution STANDS or FALLS. The foundation of Scholarship, Integrity and Competence which Maranatha University claims to be part of its mission and operational culture predates our accreditation with NAB and affiliation with University of Cape Coast.

Therefore, in Maranatha University College, whatever the level of study, be it Certificate, Diploma, Baccalaureate, Licentiate, Bachelors, Masters or even PhD which we will soon start to offer, on the face of the certificates the value is the same (i.e. training the head, the heart and the hand).

Admission Into Maranatha University College

Programs Offered At Maranatha University College


1. B.Sc. Admin. (Accounting Option)
2. B.Sc. Admin. (Marketing Option)
3. B.Sc. Admin. (Banking and Finance Option)
4. B.Sc. Admin. (General Management option)
5. B.Sc. Admin. (Human Resource Mgt. Option)

The objective of the Bachelor of Science Administration is to provide student with an undergraduate level business and professional education with emphasis in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management or General Management.




At the end of the programme the students will be well informed on issues pertaining to caring for children in Africa, and be equipped with strategic skills for appropriate intervention, care, therapy and advocacy.



1.Certificate in theology and mission

2. Diploma in theology and mission

3. Degree in theology and mission

The objective of the Bachelor of Art in Theology and Ministry is to provide students with a holistic preparation for ministry, which relates to students pursuing excellence in Ministry skills, Bible reflection and Christian character as reflected in 2 Timothy 2:2

B.A. Theology, Diploma in Ministry and Certificate in ministry with specialization in: Pastoral Ministry, Mission & Evangelism, Christian Education, Education Administration, Guidance and Counseling and Institutional Chaplaincy.



The programme seeks to educate and equip students at both the advance level) i.e Bachelor) and intermediate undergraduate level (i.e. Diploma) with the knowledge, attitude and skills required for the provision of efficient and effective guidance and counseling services to society. The graduate of this programme will serve in educational institution, hospitals, prisons, churches and other spheres of life.


The objective of the Higher National Diploma (HND) in Pharmacy Technicians programme is to provide student with the requisite skills, knowledge and attitudes that would enable them to effectively perform as middle level pharmaceutical technocrats. The programme is envisaged to provide students with the theoretical basis of Pharmacy as well as practical skills and further prepare them for higher professional education.

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