Admission requirements for African University College of Communications

Admission requirements for African University College of Communications


The University College admits all qualified students without any reference to race or ethnic origin, religious or political orientation, or nationality. The following categories of candidates are considered for admission to first degree programmes in the University College.

Entry Level for all categories of applicants:

A 1- Excellent A1 1- Excellent A1 1- Excellent
B 2- Very Good B2 2- Very Good B2 2- Very Good
C 3- Good B3 3- Good B3 3- Good
D 4- Credit C4 4- Credit C4 4- Credit
E 5- Pass C5 5- Credit C5 5- Credit
F Fail C6 6- Credit C6 6- Credit
D7 7- Pass D7 7- Pass
E8 8- Pass E8 8- Pass
F9 9- Fail F9 9- Fail
  • Applicants with WASSCE must obtain a minimum of six credit passes (C6) in six subjects (3 core, 3 electives). A pass will therefore not be accepted any more as a basis for admission.
  • The minimum aggregate score of 24 for SSSCE applicants will be maintained. Applicants must obtain at least a D (4) in six subjects.

2.    GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels:
Applicants with ´O´ or ´A´ Levels must have Grade 6 or better in five (5) ´O´ level subjects including English, Math and a Science subject (for non-science students) and an Arts subject for Science students. In addition, they must have passes in 3 subjects, one of the passes should be Grade D or better at the ´A´ Levels.

3.    International Students:
International students with qualifications equivalent to those mentioned above (1-2) may be considered for admission. They must also show evidence of proficiency in English. This includes applicants holding Baccalaureate (IB), IGCSE, GCSE and other external qualifications which have equivalences to the SSSCE, WASSCE and the GCE..

4.    Mature Candidates:
Must be Ghanaian nationals and not be less than 27 years old and must take and pass a mature candidates qualifying examination and interview.

5.    Other qualifications:
Holders of University of Ghana Diploma or its equivalent, with Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) of 3.25 or better, eligible to apply to the same area of study. Holders of Diplomas in other areas of study must have distinction.

6.    Candidates in possession of a Diploma:
Applicants must have graduated with a good HND certificate (ie at least 2nd class Lower Division). In addition the applicants must have acquired a 2 year post – HND qualification working experience. AUCC follows University of Ghana’s practice with regard to entry levels for HND applicants. Other Diploma qualifications from elsewhere assessed to be equivalent to HND may be similarly considered.

The above are the minimum Admission requirements for African University College of Communications